A great pool remodel project can transform your entire outdoor space for years to come.

Photo: Hines Pools, TX

Begin your remodel project by insisting on REAL PebbleTec finish, known for its unparalleled natural beauty and durability.

Pool Remodeling Guide

Wondering how to start the process? Our 4 Step Remodeling Guide shows you how.

Step 1: Ask Yourself Some Basic Questions

How do you use your pool?

  • Do you swim in it often?
  • Is it a space for gatherings and entertaining?
  • Do you use it as a quiet, relaxing space?
  • Is it meant to be art or a backdrop for parties?

Who will be using your pool?

  • If you have kids, do you need design features like a shallow area?
  • If you’re a swimmer, do you value maximum grip for secure footing or maximum foot/hand comfort—or a blend of both?
  • For entertaining, are you interested in a tanning shelf? Are you looking for a luxurious, high-end look?

How long will you be in your home?

  • How important is pool longevity to you?
  • How important is an updated, premium pool to your home’s resale value?  (Did you know that PebbleTec pools are very often called out in Zillow and MLS home listings?)
  • What pool design elements are most important to you as you enjoy your pool today and for the months/years ahead, before you sell your home?
Step 2: Get Inspired


Whether it’s Pinterest, a Google search or clicking through our gallery of images, do a little research to find a “look” or design aesthetic you like. Check out our own Inspiration gallery for more pool design ideas.

*View Gallery


Make a list of your must-have design features.

Expert tip

When updating your pool scape, it’s helpful to view your outdoor space as a set of additional rooms in your home– without walls. Here are just a few “rooms” to get you started:

  • Kitchen (BBQ area)
  • Den (gathering place around a fire pit)
  • Living room or social space (the pool)
  • Dining room (outdoor seating)
Step 3: First, Choose a Finish Texture and then a Water Color


PebbleTec offers an array of different finishes, ranging from natural to ultra-smooth. All finishes are comfortable to the touch, and easy on feet and hands. However, if you’re looking for maximum comfort, consider a very smooth PebbleFina finish. If you prefer a natural outdoorsy look with maximum grip for secure footing, choose a PebbleTec (Original) finish. If you’re seeking something in the middle, try one of our other finishes. If you’re not sure what finish is right for your pool, ask your builder or applicator--or call our PebbleTec customer support team at 480-948-5058.

Water Color

Our pool finishes deliver a wide variety of water colors—from deep blues to rich greens and more. We recommend you use our Water Color Tool to discover what water shade and texture works best for your family’s needs and overall design. If you haven’t already, visit our gallery to see photos of real pools featuring each finish color. Be sure to check out our Facebook ,Instagram and Pinterest pages for even more pool photos.

Step 4: Find an Authorized Applicator

Expert installation of your PebbleTec pool is crucial to a beautiful, long-lasting result. That’s why we only sell to select Authorized Applicators who have completed an extensive, 21-step onboarding process.  This way, you can trust that your pool project will be done correctly the first time.

Search for an Authorized Applicator in your area by clicking here.


If you simply want to refinish your pool, you need a PebbleTec Authorized Applicator for the job. Only these specially selected, skilled applicators are allowed to install our pool finishes. We won’t entrust the work to anyone else. If you need help picking the right finish, your applicator also can help you with that.


Paul-Henri Poujol, Owner

Pirates World Cap d’Agde

"Since the creation of our water park 20 years ago, we had constant problems with the watertightness of the pools. We met Tim and the company EuroPebbleTec a year ago and they were appointed to renovate some of our pools with PebbleSheen. They were extremely professional, they were able to set up a team of 15 people in a very reactive way to carry out the waterproofing of 2000m² of pool interiors. The work was clean and the finishes are above our expectations. We have therefore decided to renew the adventure on an additional 2000m² this following year. Today, we cannot imagine any new pools being built without their intervention."

Rest assured with our warranty

PebbleTec offers full warranty coverage for our products. In addition to that, our Authorized Applicators offer the most robust warranty on workmanship in the entire pool industry. Together, we stand by you. LEARN MORE

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