Create a beautiful and lasting oasis...
Create a beautiful and lasting oasis...
with the World’s Most Trusted Pool Finishes®
Your outdoor living space can be a lasting oasis…
with the World’s Most Trusted Pool Finishes,
with the World’s Most Trusted Pool Finishes,

Euro Pebbletec® is proud to be the international representative of PebbleTec® products, offering a full range of premium interior pool finishes.

Pebbletec® pool finishes deliver superior beauty and durability, along with a wide spectrum of water color options. Every pool finish is exclusively installed by our network of licensed applicators, so that our customers can be assured of the highest quality of service as well as materials. We have authorized applicators throughout Europe, the Middle East and Thailand, and we can provide access to qualified service providers on a worldwide basis when required.

Pebbletec® - Often imitated, never equaled.


Renowned as the “World’s Most Trusted Pools Finishes”, PebbleTec finishes are the top choice for pool lovers and commercial developers alike. All around the world, our pools are central to some of the most amazing outdoor spaces on earth.

When it comes to investing in pool refurbishment or a new project, Pebbletec® delivers the most beautiful and durable finish possible.


Our exclusive, top-of-the-line materials create the most beautiful pools in the world with a breathtaking array of water colors.


Our top product quality ensures an exceptionally long-lasting pool and the best possible value for money.

expert support

Our PebbleTec Authorized Applicators and dedicated support team bring the expertise to ensure your pool installation is perfectly executed.

“We used to spend the summers and winters at Lake Tahoe, and the water color in our PebbleTec pool today truly reminds us of it.”

- Satisfied PebbleTec Customer

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“We used to spend the summers and winters at Lake Tahoe, and the water color in our PebbleTec pool today truly reminds us of it.”

“PebbleTec pool finishes are fast becoming the global industry standard, sought out for premium pools throughout Europe, the U.S. and the Middle East...”
Tim Gurnett | Portugal

Why Choose Real PebbleTec?

As the original manufacturer of the pebble pool finish, PebbleTec revolutionized the industry. Since 1987, our pebble pool finishes have become the industry gold standard around the world, leaving many trying to imitate them without success. We take great pride in carefully sourcing and screening our materials—and we never, ever compromise on quality. For the most beautiful, durable and expertly installed pebble surface, choose confidently. Choose PebbleTec.

Insist on genuine PebbleTec, the only true maker of PebbleTec pool finishes.

Imagine the Possibilities.

PebbleTec pools are made to last.

With superior stone quality and consistency, and industry-leading pigments, our pool finishes maintain their beauty and structural integrity. This, together with proven installation techniques and world-class R&D and quality assurance support, ensure that PebbleTec pools stand the test of time. Our Authorized Applicators even offer a comprehensive warranty on workmanship to match our product warranty. (Note that maintaining proper water chemistry is essential to the longevity of any pool finish.)

PebbleTec products are trusted by the best.

We work only with select Builders and an elite network of Authorized Applicators, supporting them to uphold the highest installation standards. We even offer a full-time, traveling Quality Assurance team dedicated to solving issues before they happen.

Together, we work to ensure a premium and professional outcome for every pool project.


The most comprehensive warranty in the industry


Dedicated R&D, quality assurance and traveling support teams


An elite professional network of select Builders and Authorized Applicators

We stand behind our products with one of the most comprehensive warranties in the pool business, providing not only coverage for our finishes—but also a matching warranty from our Authorized Applicators on workmanship. We are 100% dedicated to excellence, ensuring your satisfaction of our products and service.

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